Joe's Frogs Drainage Layer

Joe's Frogs

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Joe's Frogs Drainage Layer made from expanded clay (Hydroton) is used widely in the hydroponic industry for its ability to to trap water in the negative space created. Joe's Frogs Drainage Layer Comes pre-washed and ready for use right out of the bag.
Joe's Frogs Drainage Layer is an all natural product made from heated clay. It provides lots of surface area for bacteria and plant roots to grow, and wicks watering helps to maintain humidity in a vivarium.

How to Use:   

Joe's Frogs recommends using 2-3 inches of drainage layer for best results. Below is a table of how many bags to use for different size enclosures.

Tank Sizes Bags
10 Gallon Vertical 2 Bags
10 Gallon Horizontal 2 Bags
20 Gallon High Vertical 2 Bags
20 Gallon Long Vertical 3 bags
20 Gallon High Horizontal 3 bags
20 Gallon Long Horizontal 3 Bags
29 Gallon Horizontal 4 Bags
40 Gallon Breeder 6 Bags
55 Gallon 7 Bags
75 Gallon Tank 8 bags
12x12x12  2 Bags
12x12x18 2 Bags
18x18x18  3 Bags
18x18x24  3 Bags
24x18x18 4 Bags
24x18x24 5 Bags
24x18x36 5 Bags
36x18x18 6 Bags
36x18x24 6 Bags
36x18x36 6 Bags






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