Dwarf Purple Isopods (Trichoniscidae)

Joe's Frogs


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Dwarf Purple Isopods (Trichoniscidae) Characteristics

  • Name: Trichoniscidae Dwarf Purple
  • Native To Costa Rica
  • Very Fast Breeders
  • Adult Size: 7mm 
  • Does Well In Vivariums


Dwarf Purple Isopods are one of the most common isopod sold in the Bio-Active enclosure hobby due to its ability to establish large colonies fairly quickly. Dwarf White Isopods tend to burrow making it difficult for your tank inhabitants to kill the colony making them great tank janitors.


Joe's Frogs Isopods are cultured on Joe's Frogs Premium Isopod Substrate. We feed 2x a week with Repashy Bug Burger & Repashy Morning Wood along with Cuttlebone and Vegetables such as Potatoes, Squash and Carrots.


Dwarf Purple Isopods are sold in 50 Count & 100 Count quantities but are always jammed packed with much more. 

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