Dendrobates Tinctorius "Azureus" Tadpoles

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Joe's Frogs Tadpoles are Fed in rotation 2x weekly with Repashy Soilent Green and Joe's Frogs Brine Shrimp Flakes. Water quality is very important when raising tadpoles so we recommend using  Joe's Frogs Catappa Leaf Extract to make Tadpole Tea to ensure the best water quality and healthy tadpoles. For all your tadpole breeding needs visit our Tadpole Breeding Page.


Dendrobates tinctorius "Azureus" often called "The Dyeing Dart Frog" or the Sky Blue Dart Frog.


D.Azureus are very easy to breed. Eggs are laid on petri dishes and on leaves mostly. Best kept in a 1.1.0 pair (1 male & 1 female) as females will often fight and bully in the presence of a male. Females are usually Larger and have a thicker chest region. 


D.Azureus reach maturity within 10-12 months. once established they can lay eggs every 7-10 days. Morphing time is 60-100 days.


D.Azureus is native to Southern Suriname.


Tanks should be kept at 70%-100% at all times. Automatic Misting Systems help to keep humidity in check. 


Drosophila Melanogaster fruit flies is easily consumed by D. Citronellas at any age. Adults will easily consume larger food like Drosophila Hydei fruit flies. All Feeder insects should be dusted with a quality vitamin & mineral supplement.


All Tadpoles are covered under Joe's Frogs Live Arrival Guarantee. Tadpoles sold from Joe's Frogs are Shipped Fedex Priority Overnight only. 

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