About Us

Joe’s Frogs was founded in 2017 by Joseph Ortega a hobbyist who has kept Dart Frogs since 2005. What started as a hobby and one Vivarium has blossomed into over 100 Vivariums with many species of Dart Frog. Joe’s Frogs mission is to offer the highest quality Frogs, Feeders, Plants & Supplies at the best prices. Here at Joe’s Frogs Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority above all. Here are 10 Reasons why Joe’s Frogs is your #1 Online Retailer for all your Vivarium needs.


#1 Husbandry

Joe’s Frogs prides itself on responsible Honest and professional husbandry practices. When purchasing Live Animals from Joe’s Frogs you can rest assured that our offspring are housed and cared for with the upmost love and care.Our animals are nourished on a strict schedule of Calcium,Carotenoids & Vitamin A. Joe’s Frogs goal is to offer the strongest offspring into the hobby. Our offspring come from multiple bloodlines from different sources to assure the strongest offspring. 


#2 Tadpole Care

Joe’s Frogs Tadpoles are Fed a variety of different food sources such as Repashy Soilent Green, Brine Shrimp, & Tadpole Bites Coated in Spirilina and other algae’s to ensure the tadpoles morph into strong young froglets to pass on to our customers.


#3 Customer Service

Joe’s Frogs top priority is always customer satisfaction. We are available Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm EST to answer any questions you may have. Please visit our Contact Us page and leave us a message or just give us a call. We are always here to help.


#4 Live Arrival Guarantee

When you purchase Live Animals from Joe’s Frogs you always get a Live Arrival Guarantee. Joe’s Frogs is highly experienced in shipping live animals and follow very strict guidelines in order to Guarantee live arrival. Please see our Live Arrival Guarantee for a more in-depth description of what we offer.


#5 Professional Packaging

Joe’s Frogs prides itself in quality control. Each item is meticulous packaged and labeled with in-depth instructions and description of our products. Our goal is for our customers to have confidence when purchasing any of our products. 


#6 Quality Ingredients 

Joe’s Frogs products are made from organic quality ingredients. Items that require sterilization are done so before we sell to our customers. 


#7 Variety

Joe’s Frogs goal is to carry quality items needed for all aspects of the hobby. Please navigate our Home Page for all your needs.


#8 Easy Navigation On Website

Joe’s Frogs website is designed with the customer in mind. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to navigate and find the items you need. Joe’s Frogs Website is always up to date with stock and QTY so purchase with confidence. 


#9 Social Media 

Joe’s Frogs actively post on:

@joesfrogs Instagram

@joesfrogs Facebook

@joesfrogs Twitter

@joesfrogs Youtube

Joe’s Frogs Youtube channel has in-depth how-to videos. We are not saying our way is the only way but our way has worked for us for many many years. You can be confident that Joe’s Frogs will not steer you wrong.


#10 Great Prices

Joe’s Frogs is happy to offer some of the best prices in the industry on our products. Please compare to see the savings. 


 Joe’s Frogs is here to serve the hobby as a source of inspiration and guidance. We believe our products will serve you as well as they serve us. Please sign up to our weekly Email to receive special pricing and tips on giveaways and promotions so you never miss out.

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